10 Steps to Becoming a Linchpin at Your Workplace

We live in an age, where the meaning and terms of jobs and employment are changing. The economies are expanding so are the number of opportunities of employment. However, nature and terms of engagement have also changed. Those life long and secure jobs of our parents or grandparents, unfortunately, either do not exist in the or numbers they once did. For most people, their best option is to make themselves one of the employees that stand out from the others in terms of willingness to work, enthusiasm and dedication to the business. Here are a few suggestions to help “recession-proof” your job.

Be that linchpin

Be that linchpin

  1. Carry a positive attitude

It’s all in the attitude baby! We have seen enough of people getting ahead of others just for their positive attitude. On skill all are more or less the same. All have to come through the same selection process. Attitude, thus, becomes the key differentiator. A positive morale usually does great things for teamwork in the business. Being one of those few that can find the positive in every situation could help single you out as a stellar employee. Won’t you like to be in this position?

  1. Give your best always

You carry a great attitude. What next? Those who do more than what is required generally stand a better chance of being noticed by those who matter. Employers can make out when a job has been done with some serious dedication. The same applies to school. Real effort will likely reward you with a top grade as the teacher knows when you put in the extra time and work and really care about what you are doing.

  1. Practice smart delegation

Admit it. You can’t do it alone. If you try more likely you fail than succeed. The trick is in getting the work done and not in doing it yourself. If you can figure out a way to take some of the busy work out of your boss’s schedule, they just might find that to be a valuable bit of reasoning. Similarly, you can benefit from sharing your work you’re your junior colleagues. Knowing how to allocate resources for maximum efficiency is a skill that is hugely beneficial to any company.

  1. Never stop learning

The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement. Learning to improve existing processes and devising newer ways of doing things is a great skill. Having more general knowledge of anything related to the company helps you make informed and wise decisions. You can be of help to others with such knowledge. It’s is sure shot way of becoming a lynchpin if you can resolve an issue before it becomes a problem. This skill of yours can save those in authority the trouble of sorting out the mess.

  1. Network

You carry your company on your shoulder and no one knows about it. It is mighty important that your boss, other managers and employees know the quality of work you do. If you are willing to put in extra time and effort try to volunteer to take the tasks no one else wants. This will make your boss’s life easier, and they will most likely appreciate it. If they know you as someone who is willing to help with a wide variety of tasks, you have a better chance growing in your company. Also, having a good rapport with managers in other departments is helpful in that you have someone to speak for you other than your current boss. In case your current boss leaves you will have someone else in management knows the quality of work that you do. Though this works, don’t depend solely on as your career strategy.

  1. Help others with your skill

Help others to help yourself. If can solve a problem a co-worker is dealing with, go and help her. This leaves your boss fewer questions to answer and reduces the number of issue to sort out. Helping a colleague ultimately makes your department run more efficiently, thus benefiting the entire company. A department that is shown to be efficient will be more likely to prosper and much less likely to suffer from lay-off’s in the future.

  1. Be honest

Honesty is the best policy is an old adage. Everyone appreciates honesty. If you happen to make a mistake at work, it’s not a good idea to try to cover it up. Usually, it results in a bigger mess. When in doubt, disclose.  Your honesty can be a wonderful tool in gaining the trust of both authorities and co-workers, alike. People are more likely to give their all for someone they know is trustworthy.  Winning the trust of your co-workers is a great asset.

  1. Practice creative problem solving

Creativity is the fuel that fires many imaginations. Your ability of creative problem solving can assist you in devising new solutions to many a problems at your workplace. It can also help deal with dilemmas that you and your boss could be facing. Imagine the benefit of finding a solution to a problem before your boss is even bothered with it! They will not only appreciate this, but also not want to lose you at any cost. You can almost future-proof your career.

  1. Keep yourself in good health

Only a healthy person can be relied upon at workplace. For example, if you are not at the pink of your health, you might not be able to solve problems and face issues that normally wouldn’t be much of a challenge for you.  Bad health may also lead to your frequent absence from work which may turn your boss’s best laid out plan upside down. Your boss may not find you reliable and likely keep you out of challenging projects. Good fitness levels also help improve your self-confidence and give you something positive to think about when your day isn’t going how you would like. Someone who shows dedication in taking care of themselves is more likely to put that same effort into their work.

  1. Sharpen your communication skills

If you do not have this skill, you can’t progress in your career.  Employers appreciate an employee that has good communication and grammar skills. If you have superior vocabulary and grammatical knowledge you can express ideas and assist others in understanding difficult concepts. If you have excellent communication skill, it makes you sound intelligent and well-prepared for the tasks given to you, even if you have less experience in your field. If you can free your boss by explaining some concept to your fellow co-workers, imagine the time she will have to do things that they normally would not have otherwise. This will help you to contribute to the larger cause of your company.

Try out some of the points suggested here and you will see the difference. You will stand out from the crowd in a positive manner. Play an active, rather than passive, role in securing your job and career. Take control of your actions rather than be a mute spectator. As the cliché goes, “The best defense is a good offense.” Keeping the ball in your court gives you a bit more control over your career and helps relieve the stress of feeling helpless. Actively but discreetly promoting yourself in the eyes of those around you can make all the difference in keeping and enjoying your job. You will eventually turn out to be the “linchpin.”

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To your success!